Fried Peacock Bass

One of my favorite Peacock Bass recipes is plain old coated-with-corn meal and deep fat fried, just like you would prepare catfish, crappie, or bass back home. I cut the fillets into roughly 2 inch square pieces. Peacock Bass have a row of small bones just above the belly which you can find easily by running your finger down the middle of the inside of the fillet. I cut a small strip of meat containing the bones out and that leaves a boneless fillet. Put corn meal (you can substitute corn bread mix or ground-up corn flakes) in a bag with salt and pepper to taste. Put several pieces of slightly wet fish (you can also dip the fillets in milk, egg, or beer before coating) in the bag, close the top and shake. Deep fat fry for two to three minutes at 400 degrees F. For local flavor, serve with patacones and Panama Beer.

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