No Fry French Fries

If, like me, you love french fries, but have to avoid fried foods, you may appreciate the following recipe. I wish I could take credit for it, but I learned this one watching Rachael Ray on the Food Network.

Prepare the potatoes just as you would for french fries. I like mine with the skin on, so I wash them thoroughly and then run them through a cutter, but you can skin them if you prefer. Don't be afraid to get creative. They don't have to look like french fries.

Pour a bit of Olive Oil, about a teaspoon per large potato or just enough to very lightly coat each slice, over the slices and mix them around a bit.

This next part is highly variable and you should make up your own seasoning list to suit yourself. I sprinkle on garlic powder, curry, MSG, salt and black pepper, then thoroughly mix it all up until each slice is coated. Feel free to experiment. I think I'll try some cayenne pepper next time.

Spread the slices on a baking pan lightly sprayed with Pam. I use a sheet of aluminum foil over a cookie pan. Bake at about 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. If the slices are stacked more than about two high, you should stir them at about the 15 minute point. You can tell when they are done by sticking a fork in them.

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