Homemade Jello

I've liked Jello since I was a kid, but haven't eaten any in a long time because most commercial Jello has sugar or Aspertame, and I have to avoid both. I've experimented a bit with making Aspic, so it didn't take too much for my clever mind to make the leap from Aspic to Jello. As usual, I'll give you the basic recipe and you can modify from there.

2 cups of water
1 Table Spoon unflavored gelatine
Lemon, or other, juice
Sweetener (I use Splenda)

Mix the two cups of water with enough juice and sweetener , sugar, honey or syrup for the taste you want. Put one cup of the mix into the microwave or on the stove and bring to a boil. Add the gelatin and stir until completely dissolved, then add the other cup of mix. At this point, you can add fresh fruit if you wish. Put the mix into the refrigerator until it jells.

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