How to make a 200+ fps bandset with Alliance Sterling #107 Rubber Bands
Note: This page is under revision. The method of tying the loops has proved to cause early band failure.
Eliminating the tube and string and tying with latex strips or rubber bands appears to be a better method.

Here are step by step illustrated instructions for making a powerful set of slingshot bands from cheap, readily available rubber bands. I assume that you already know the basics of making slingshot bands, and these instructions are not intended for beginners.

This particular set drove a 70 grain .375 cal (9.4 mm) lead ball at 222 fps. (10 shot average)

To duplicate my setup you will need a pair of sharp scissors, a ruler, a hemostat, a bench vise, a bungee cord, a "C" clamp, and a set of Circlip pliers (outward opening) in addition to the materials shown.

Click the thumbnails for a larger picture and a full description of each step.

Cut the rubber bands
Tie the Pouch Tie the Pouch Tie the Pouch

Tie the Pouch Tie the Pouch Pre-form the knot
Tying jig

Stretcher anchor
Tie the pouch
The other band
Measure bands
Measure bands

Form loop
Clamp loop bands Special tool
Secure loop
Secure loop

Secure loop Secure loop Secure loop Finished Dankung with bands

Copyright Henry F. Smith, 2011